West Track Ranked 1st in the League

Mitchell Clark and Sal Orlandi

The 2019 West Track & Field team is in season and they are doing well! On Tuesday, May 14 West beat Discovery Middle School 116-94. West had previously beaten Liberty 147-65 and later on beat Pioneer Middle School is a close meet 108-102.

West performed very well against Discovery and a ton of people got a personal record (PR). While asking Charlie Maletta, West Track 7th grader, he said: “ I got a PR in both my events and I know of friends who also got a PR.” It seems West is having a successful season. However, it was a windy day and a cold day. Running into the wind it was hard. Many runners added time to their race. Also, some runners only run good in the heat and it was not a very warm day, in fact with the breeze it was kind of cold.

Pioneer was supposed to be the best team in the league, but the Bulldogs upset them Panthers. West seemed to run more consistently and the Girls West team received a lot of 1st place finishers, helping West pull off the win.

West’s race against Liberty was their first race of the season. The runners were nervous and the team had no idea how talented they were. This race definitely built confidence.  

West will face the East Rockets next and West is predicted to win. East beat Liberty only 139-71, Discovery 129-81 and lost to pioneer 81-129. West should beat East in the next meet just from the scores. This means that West should be number 1 going into the league meet.

League Meet will be on June 4 and 5. It is $5 for adults and $2 for students. The League Meet usually ends around 6:30 pm on both days, but it could go to any time. If you want to keep up with the Track team then check the school monitors and announcements.