The Plymouth High School Swim Season is Just Around the Corner

Luis Baum and Christian Culhane

Attention all West 2018-2019 swimmers who plan on going to Plymouth High School. This article will help you prepare for Plymouth High School Swim & Dive. We interview the Plymouth Boys Swim & Dive Coach, Robert Holdridge, and his team captains. The Swim & Dive season runs from November 2019 to March 2020.

Coach Bob Holdridge warns swimmers that “¨They need to stay active.  If they are interested in other sports they could participate in those activities.  The main theme is to stay active. If they want to really improve their swimming they need to be in the water.¨ The swim season has a mix of dual meets, invitational, and relay meets. In high school, swimmers are allowed 17 competition dates. Staying active will help you prepare for the busy season.

The Plymouth Swim captains exclaim, ¨There’s so much depth to swimming, whether it be in the techniques or the actual competitions themselves. Swimming is the definition of something that is ‘easy’ to pick up but difficult to master, but it can be done through a whole-hearted effort.¨ Swimming is a no-cut sport and is welcome to any interested. However, be ready to learn a lot and work hard. The captains want to make sure swimmers are safe in the water, “However, it is necessary that all the strokes are done properly and stretches are done before getting in the water to avoid any injuries.”

Try out for the Plymouth Swim & Dive Team to stay active, hang out with friends, compete, and learn new techniques. As the captains say, “Whatever you put into the sport, however is how much you will get out of it. It’s all based on perspective and what you want.¨

If you want to know more and you’re interested in taking swim classes, visit the link below for more information.

Go Wildcats!