Mr. Wells’s football career took hard work and determination


Caedmon Whipple, Jackson Brickey, Brody Burley, Christopher Caloia, and Logan Sowizral

Mr. Brett Wells played five years of football at Eastern Michigan University as a tight end. He had a rough High school career at Livonia Churchill with his team going 3-33 for the four years. However, his losing team didn’t stop him from doing what he loved and competing at the college level.

Mr. Wells was a “preferred walk-on” to begin his college career. After his first season, he was put on a full athletic scholarship. He was a starting tight end for a  total of 18 games. His mom was the biggest inspiration. He was once insecure like us, but his mom pushed to be a great athlete. Mr. Wells decided to make a highlight film about football and baseball in high school and send it to different colleges to get recognized. Wayne State, Defiance After he did that he got accepted on the baseball and football team by Wayne State, Defiance College in Ohio, Albion College, Ferris State University all gave him offers to play. In the end, he wanted picked EMU!

Mr. Wells confidence increased from playing in college. The college-level taught him “resilience to battle through injury after injury, coach after, setback after setback.” Mr. Wells committed himself to reach his goals.

Mr. Wells contributes his work ethic to his former coaches and family. He was not only talented at football, but put forth a lot of effort. He stayed humble and listened to his coaches.