Tik Tok vs. Musical.ly


Tik Tok app

Emily Fagerman and Nia Wood

More west students are using the Tik Tok app after it bought the app Musical.ly in the summer of 2018. Since then, lots and lots of people have joined the app.

Do you like Tik Tok or Musical.ly? Lot’s of the students we interviewed said Tik Tok was better. Not even that they hated musical.ly, it’s just that it’s doesn’t exist anymore. 6 out of the 9 seventh graders we interviewed said they liked Tik Tok better. Only 1 person chose Musical.ly and 2 people chose both.  

Caedmon Whipple, Anne Wiltrakis, Gabi Lopez, Maggie Migyanka, Holdyn Fulkerson, Martin Vulaj (all West seventh graders) all chose Tik Tok. “I like Tik Tok more because it’s funny and musical.ly you lip-sync and in Tik Tok, there are funny dances,” Caedmon says. Anne, Gabi, Maggie, Holdyn, and Martin all agree.

Chloe Daniels states, “Musical.ly because it’s better. People were active and they were nicer, I got more likes with Musical.ly.” Ava Duerr (West 7th grader) and Nicole Kash (West 6th grader) both say they like both apps equally.  Ava Duerr admits, “It doesn’t matter to me because they are the same. I like Tik Tok and I like musical.ly, for what it was and how it used to be. If musical.ly was still a thing I would like it.”

Tik Tok is a video/dance app.  On Tik Tok, you enter and you’re on the For You Page. The user can scroll and watch videos. Then you can check the people that you are following and their new videos by selecting the “Following” at the top of your screen.  You can also select a sound by watching other people’s videos or search a sound up. Mostly the sounds are either popular songs or funny sounds other people created. Then you do a dance or just a random video. 

Musical.ly is a lip-sync/music video making app. On Musical.ly you enter and you are on the “Featured” page and you can scroll and watch videos. You can also check the new videos of people you are following. You can also pick a famous sound or a funny sound.   

 Even if you LOVE musical.ly, we think that the majority of West students prefer Tik Tok.