West Students Like the New Cell Phone Policy


Away For The Day hallway poster at WMS.

Selena Francis, Reporters

The new West cell phone policy has caused quite the stir amongst West students.

West sixth-grader Anya Reed likes the new policy “because everyone isn’t on their phones all the time.” Anaya thinks that kids should be able to be on their phones during indoor recess only. 

Many West students like the new policy because it is making kids more social. Last year, kids were on their phones all the time. Now, kids are talking more at recess. West students are being more active and are actually playing at recess. 

Anya Reed said, “I think it’s better to not have your phone with you in class and it’s helping you get more of your work is done.” Anya does worry that kids are getting in more trouble because they are more tempted to bring their phones to class. If you are caught with a phone, the teacher must take it and the student has to pick up their phone in the office.

Overall, West students are liking the new cell phone policy.