Did you make the cut for West Girls’ Volleyball team?

Dianna Nikollbibaj

Ava Duerr and Dianna Nikollbibaj

West just held their girls’ volleyball tryouts. They were on October 17 and October 21st. The tryouts were held in the gym and a total of 59 girls attended tryouts.

After the first tryout, Mr.  Brett Wells, the coach and gym teacher, notified players if they were called back. Those called back continued to tryout. A total of 21 girls made the cut.  There will be two teams, an A team, and a B team. 8th graders are usually on the A team and 7th graders are on the B team.  There are 11 8th graders and 10 7th graders on the team.

Mr. Wells explained what he was looking for, “I am looking for someone who is ready to move and get to the ball.” He also stated, “I am also looking for 7th graders to have a consistent serve.” Mr. Wells wants players to use this advice if they don’t make the team because they can always try out next year. 

Sammie Shroeder, seventh-grader, stated, “ I think Mr. Wells is looking for effort and good skills.”

Sammie Shroeder, Isabelle Smedley, Maggie Migyanka, Chloe Daniels, Julia Allen, and Erin English are seventh-grade students and they all tried out. Many of them were unsure if they would make the team. 

We also asked them why they were interested in trying out for volleyball. Isabelle Smedley stated, “ I am because all my friends are and I like volleyball.”

Erin English stated, “I am and I don’t have a lot of experience, but I feel like trying out itself is really fun”.

Maggie Migyanka also stated, “ My friend is doing it and I wanted to try a new sport.

At the end of volleyball tryouts, Mr. Wells said, “Don’t let me stop you from playing volleyball.” He reminded us not to give up, even if you don’t get called back.