Halloween Costumes are absent from West and here’s why!


Eugene Brown

Eugene's pumpkins that sit outside his house waiting for trick-or-treaters.

Ryan Madden and Michael Bach

Have you noticed that Halloween costumes are absent from the West Middle School on Oct 31st? Students are not allowed to wear Halloween costumes to school. This is a problem because middle school students are still kids, we still trick-or-treat, and we want to enjoy the little of our childhood that we have left! 

Mr. Smiley thinks,  “There is a time for everything, including Halloween costumes.” Mr. Smiley strongly believes that the school day is not the time to wear costumes.

Mr. Smiley says, “ I try and tell teachers not to wear costumes, but I never tell them what they can or can’t wear.” The district rule states that costumes distract students too much. If students have masks or costumes, the teacher can’t see or recognize them. This is also similar to the West Middle School rule about no hats. Kids will want to look at each other’s costumes, maybe steal parts of the costume, and it might be difficult to work in an uncomfortable costume. 

Mrs. Horvath described her first Halloween at West, “I wore a costume to West.  I thought that was normal. I quickly realized it was not ok and changed out of my costume.”

Mr. Smiley added that we already have a Halloween Dance in which we can wear costumes and show each other. The Halloween dance will be hosted on Wednesday, Oct. 30 at 6 p.m

Kids want to wear costumes to school because it can distract them from the dull edge of reality. I hope that someday in the future we can wear our costumes at school and teachers won’t get mad at us. Tell us what you think in the comments below.