Should we have school on Halloween?

Annabelle Troyer, Reporter

Have you ever wanted a day off on Halloween or even the next day when everyone is tired from staying up late? Many students don’t like that they have to wait through a whole school day before they enjoy an evening that comes once a year. 

Some reasons we can’t have a break for Halloween. One, we have to be in school for a certain amount of days. Two, Halloween celebrations happen after the school day. 

 We interviewed Mrs. Horvath, a seventh grade ELA teacher, she said the day after Halloween everyone was, either tired or hyped up from all the candy. 

We interviewed Lexi Greene a seventh-grader who said we should have school on Halloween because it only happens at night, she likes Halloween but it isn’t her favorite holiday. 

We interviewed Isabel Gillay she said, “Halloween is my favorite holiday, because of the candy.” She is very angry there is not a day off on Halloween, she also said we should have no school after Halloween so we can stay up later.