Local Haunted Houses for Halloween

Hush Haunted House

Caitlin Noe

Hush Haunted House

It is the season for haunted houses! I was wondering which one was people’s favorite and how many people actually go to haunted houses.

Anne Wiltrakis, West 7th grader has gone to one haunted house this year and is planning on more. Anne says Erebus is her favorite one overall. Erebus is located on Perry St, Pontiac, MI 48342. “Its longer and I like the jump scares and flickering lights.” Anne wants to go to Hush on November 1st because they turn all the lights off and you walk around with glow sticks. Hush is located in Westland, MI on Cherry Hill Rd 48185. 

West 7th grader Natalie Krupka, has also only gone to one haunted house this season. Natalie went to Hush and she has only gone to that one for the last two years. Natalie really likes Hush because of the makeup of the actors wear. Natalie prefers the jump scares over the ones where they follow you. “The makeup at Hush looks realistic and the scares are fun.”

Maggie Migyanka, 7th grader at West. is also a fan of haunted houses and has gone to two. She has gone to Hush and the Terrifying Forest. Terrifying Forest is at 145 Swarthout Rd, Pinckney, MI 48169. In Maggie’s opinion, she thinks Terrifying Forest is better. “There are more jump scares and they chase you,” she states. Maggie likes it when they follow you because she has conversations with the actors to cope with the scares.

 Halloween is a time to get scared. Halloween is coming soon so you better get there quick! Whether it’s Hush, Erebus, or the Terrifying Forest hope you have a good scare!