8th Graders Love Washington D.C.!

West Middle Schools Mascot

West Middle Schools Mascot

Kayla Nguyen and Levity Lockwood

On October 11th-13th, most of the 8th graders went on the D.C. Trip. 8th grades went on this trip for their 8th grade Social Studies classes and to learn about parts of government. Washington D.C. is our Nation’s capital.

The eighth-graders traveled to D.C. by bus. According to West eighth-grader Aubrey Kuhn, she said that it was a very long bus ride, but it felt short because some of the things that they did while being on the bus were watching movies, sleeping, playing on their phones, and talking to their friends. The bus drive to Washington D.C. took a total of 10 hours. 

Aubrey Kuhn commented on the food, “Some places were kind of gross, others were really good.” Others also agreed on the food. Caitlyn Noe, West eighth grader said, “The food was okay, it depended on where you went.”

Fun things that the eighth-graders did while they were at D.C. was going to The Changing of The Guards, visited multiple war memorials, visited the National Mall, and toured many museums. “I really like going to the mall, that was fun because we got to hang out with friends and talk,” said Aubrey Kuhn. “I like seeing the center and seeing how they discuss all their stuff and make laws,” said Caitlin Noe.

This is a field trip middle school students anticipate as 6th and 7th graders. It is the only field trip that West goes on that is overnight. 8th graders love this trip because they get to experience leaving home, stay in a hotel with their friends, experience independence, and tour our Nation’s important monuments!

Overall, the eight graders recommend the trip to next year’s class. They had a lot of fun spending time with their friends and learned a lot about our nation’s government.