Xbox vs. PS4

Brody Burley and Chris Caloia

Attention gamers: Which console do you prefer? Xbox or PS4?

PlayStation is one of the biggest consoles of all time and is used worldwide by millions of people. Playstation was released back in 1994 by Ken Kutaragi. Whereas the original Xbox was created and released in 2001 by Don Mattrick. Both consoles allow players to play a variety of games, they are both the top consoles in the world, and both are similar in price (Running from $250-$300). 

 Mr. Barnes, West math teacher and gamer, reflects on which console he prefers, “So definitely Xbox, I don’t really get to play on it that much, but when I do get to play, I prefer to play with somebody else. My brother has one, a couple of my best friends have one too, and nobody I would hop on a game with has a PlayStation.” Both consoles allow players to paly friends virtually. 

Seventh-grade student Evan Flukes thinks otherwise,“Well definitely I’d choose PS4 just because I’ve had it for a while it’s just easy to navigate, I like the controllers and I think they’re better than Xbox controllers.” PlayStation4 controllers are thinner and symmetrical making them a little bit easier to hold. Xbox controllers are bulkier. 

Xbox exclusive games are

Well anyway, we will probably never know which console is better. The debate between PlayStation and Xbox gamers lives on!

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