When Should you Start Getting into the Christmas Spirit?


Student at West

Winter decorations in Mrs. Horvath's classroom.

Tessa O'Donnell and Daphne Fisher

Christmas movies are on T.V., Christmas songs are on the radio, and there are currently about 7 inches of snow on the ground. This leads us to a common question when should one start getting into the Christmas spirit? Some people may say November 1st, and other people say November 29th. Some even say that you can always be in the Christmas spirit no matter what time of year! What do students at West think about this?

We recorded Brooke Petty, a 7th-grade student at West Middle School, when she thought people should start getting into the Christmas spirit. She said, “It matters on who you are.” Another question we asked her was what she liked about Christmas.  She replied, “Just the joy of people because they are so happy because they know that Christmas is just around the corner.”

We also asked Jackson Bricky, another 7th grade West student, about when he thought people should start getting into the Christmas spirit.  He quoted, “ I don’t know, like,  you can always be happy but maybe when December comes.” Another question that we asked him was what he loved about Christmas. He answered with, “ I like that I get to see my family from Connecticut every year.”     

Emerson Nordbeck, an 8th grader stated people should get into the Christmas spirit, “Around Thanksgiving time.” We also asked Emerson what she loved about Christmas, and she said, “ The joy that gets spread around the holiday.”

People like the joy that’s around when they know Christmas is just around the corner, and how everybody is happy. Everybody has their own opinion on when you should start getting into the Christmas spirit.  So what’s yours?