Madden 20 NFL is awesome!

Luke Zajdel and Logan Sowizral

Madden 20 came out on August 2nd, 2019 by EA sports. Madden 20 is a football game that has multiple different modes that can be played online. Some are played split-screen or not online. The most popular model is Ultimate Team where you can buy auction and trade players and then play in online games against others.

We interviewed Matthew Ruzzin, an 8th grader. We found out that one of his favorite modes is Ultimate Team. The reasons that Ruzzin likes Ultimate Team are that he finds it fun that he can draft and buy players. One of Ruzzin’s favorite things about Ultimate Team is the fact that he can play online and with friends. He also stated that he likes the fact that he can do challenges to get coins that he can use to buy packs to get new players and buy players off the auction. Ruzzin also likes other modes, but prefers Ultimate Team over them because it’s more competitive.

Lastly, Ruzzin’s favorite thing to do in Madden is playing with friends.“It’s more fun playing with friends because you get to compete for who has the best team and there’s a lot of trash talk”, Ruzzin states.

Madden 20 is loved and played by many as we have found out. I myself like to play and have a great time playing Madden 20. I play with friends and other random people but it is always fun to play. As I have found out playing through most of the Madden’s that as long as you have the newest Madden it never gets old. You can always find something to do while playing madden.

Madden 20 all around is a great game as we have learned. Many people enjoy playing but all have different preferences on how they play it. If you don’t already Madden 20 is a great game to get if you like sports.