West Volleyball Beats East

West Middle Schools Mascot

West Middle Schools Mascot

Vallyn Rowe-Porchia, Reporter

Bump, set, spike. This year’s West volleyball team for the 2019-2020 season, is pretty amazing. With Mr. Wells coaching, I think we can all expect a bunch of wins. Their first game was November 5th, versing East Middle School, and of course, both A and B teams came out with a win.

Another 7th grader at West, Erin English is the volleyball team manager. She helps Mr. Wells at practices with the drills and scrimmages, and she knows the schedule for all the games. Erin stated that “practice is 2 hours long, but feels like 30 minutes.” Erin has never played volleyball, but she really likes it and wants to be around the game more.

Mr. Wells, the volleyball coach and health teacher, has been coaching volleyball for 2 years. He says he likes coaching to see the improvements from the beginning to the end. I also asked Mr. Wells which team was better, last year or this year. He stated, “It’s too early in the season to tell, but the B teams are doing really well, and I know the A teams will come around.”

Claire Binder is a 7th grader at West, and she plays volleyball on the B team. Claire says that her favorite part of volleyball is, “being part of the West volleyball team.” Her favorite position is setter or outside hitter, but she is best at the back row or setter.

If you like volleyball or want to be on the team next year, I recommend going to some of the games, so you can learn more about the game.