Snow and Cold Day Guidelines


West's front showcase.

Jackson Brickey, Reporter

Don’t you love the feeling when you wake up and find out you don’t have to go to school? In Plymouth-Canton, a lot of kids do! But there are TONS of requirements that have to be met to get a relaxing day off. I interviewed a few kids to find out what they think needs to happen to get no school in the 2019-2020 school year. 

The decision to close school is made using expert information from many sources, including a professional meteorologist, local safety officials, neighboring districts, internal maintenance staff, transportation services, and administrators actually going outside and driving the roads. Also, when the wind chill is – 20 degrees Fahrenheit, a “cold day” will be called, meaning the school will be closed. 

Luke Zajdel, a 7th grader at West said: “ I love when I wake up and don’t have to go to school, but my alarm wakes me up at 6:30 am, so I can’t really sleep in.” Luke things the district “experts” consider the icy roads first when deciding whether to call close the school. Kyle Dani, an 8th grader at West middle school said, “I know about when we get a snow day, it’s when the roads are very slippery and aren’t safe…when I wake up and see it’s a snow day, I usually just go back to bed.”

The number one factor the district considers in the safety of the students. Not only do the busses have to be able to drive on the roads safely, but kids also have to be able to safely walk to school and between the buildings at the high school.

However, for whatever reason school closes, I’m sure everyone loves when they wake up and find out they can go back to their cozy and comfortable bed.