LME and Band elective classes: give them a try!

West Middle Schools Mascot

West Middle Schools Mascot

Ryann Zaenglein and Selena Francis

LME stands for Life Management Education class that teaches you skills that you will use later in life. Mrs. Bazzi teaches LME, she has taught at this position for 11yrs. Mrs. Bazzi says that people should join LME because you learn the life skills that you use later in life including how to balance a checkbook. LME is a quarter or sixth graders and a semester class for 7th and 8th graders.

Mrs. Bazzi says that a lot of West students request LME. You can eat in Mrs. Bazzi’s class, but nothing too big just a snack like some goldfish as long as you clean up after yourself. You cook at the end of the class. Mrs. Bazzi said that kids like to just cook at the end of the semester instead of having a party.

6th-graders cook monkey bread, and garlic cheese biscuits.

7th-graders make fruit pizza and apple crumble. 8th graders make pizza from scratch, and do an activity called cupcake wars where students make cupcakes and compete for who’s is best. Students ask “Why do we need to know these skills if we don’t need them?” You need to know the skills in the kitchen to manage your time, use a knife and other equipment tools to use to depend on ourselves it will depend on your self to get the stuff done.

In 8th grade, students practice child development and students get to take a fake baby home with you to get a little experience and become a parent.

In the band class, taught by Mrs. Farmer, students learn how to play instruments and perform. The class only has 6 basic instruments including, flute, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, trombone, piccolo, bass clarinet, clarinet, french horn, percussion. Band class is a year-long class. More students stay in the band for all three years, but if you want to join, don’t let that stop you.

Mrs. Farmer has taught band for 30 years and in Plymouth-Canton district for 22 years. She has a group of 56 students and a group of 62 students. There are 4 concerts and there is 1 field trip for 8th graders. “I’m not sure why but in music, it’s like you’re distracted when you’re reading music, it’s like a different language.”