All PCCS Middle School Boys’ Basketball teams should have grade level teams to make even playing field


West Boys Basketball at half-time during the Liberty Middle School game.

Ryan McCaig, Reporter

West Boys Basketball teams are separated by grade. 8th graders are on the A team only, and 7th graders are on the B team. Coach Wells believes all middle schools should organize their teams this way, however many school don’t. Does this cause West to be at a disadvantage?

Coach Wells, “I’ve always organized the teams by grade, the A team is more competitive based environment. Where the B team is more of a development based alinement, to provide an opportunity for more balanced playing time to develop the 7th-grade player.” Coach Wells admits that this can cause our West team to be at a disadvantage, but stands by his choice. Coach Wells gave examples like the Discovery B team moving their 8th graders down for one game to win. Coach Wells wants the other coaches in the district to set balanced teams. 

Caedmon Whipple, West seventh-grader (B-team), on his perspective on the style of teams. He doesn’t think the teams should be separated by grade, “ If you’re good enough, I think you should be allowed to play on A team.” He also thinks the way it is sorted is a disadvantage. Whipple says that other schools have eighth graders and it’s not fair for seventh graders going up against them.

Michael Latin, eighth-grader (A Team) agreed, “I say 50/50 because there are a few players that have a lot of talent on the 7th-grade team that maybe could be bumped up to the eighth-grade team.” Latin also said that it is a disadvantage because several schools have eighth graders which are bigger than the seventh graders.

Coach Wells also said that he has brought kids “up” in the past, but only if they showed remarkable talent and proved they were good enough.