Nike vs. Adidas


Lee Boedigheimer

Nike shoes vs. Adidas shoes

Nike and Adidas. Two of the most famous brands in the world. But the question is, which one is better? Since the late 20th century, the brands have fought for sports royalty. But, what do West students prefer?

First, let’s get some background information on the Nike brand. “The company was founded by two individuals named Bill Bowerman, and Phil Knight in Oregon, US. The inspiration for the company’s creation is to design better footwear for athletes. The firm was originally named Blue Ribbon Sports, but before becoming the Nike the world knows today back in 1971.”(Warner). The company only had one shirt and shoe for the first few years of business.” According to Jacob Lang, “Nike is definitely better because all of their products have the best quality.”

Next, Background information on the Adidas brand. “The business was founded by a German named Adi Dassler in 1924 when he operated the company out of a washroom and registered the name ‘Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik’. However, Dassler started fresh in 1949 with a new name, ‘Adi Dassler Adidas Sportschuhfabrik’, and focused on footwear by registering the famous three-stripe design that Adidas still lives by today”(Warner). Vincent Van Hala states, “Adidas because the clothes fabrics are way better.”

Van Hala and Lang have even more opinions about their favorite brand. Van Hala exclaims,” Nike is overpriced.” While on the other hand, Lang says,” The fabric and how the products look are better than Adidas.” They both argue that each company has the best quality. Van Hala states, “ Nike is just popular.” Which company do you think is superior?

They both had different ideas about Nike or Adidas shoes though. Van Hala says Adidas’ shoes make him feel “Godly”. While Lang exclaims” Nike shoes are just more comfortable and good for every occasion.”


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