West Middle school LGBTQ+ community


One of WMS’ safe space stickers

Isabella Guerra, Reporter

LGBTQ+ represents a wide range of amazing people. LGBTQ+ stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer/questioning, and the plus sign stands for all the other sexualities and genders.

At our school we have a club called the GSA, it originally stood for Gay-Straight Alliance but was changed to Gender Sexuality Alliance. As Mrs. Hine, the club’s founder explained, “GSA is the Gender and Sexuality Alliance and it is a club where students of all orientations get together to find ways to make our school a safe and inclusionary environment for all!” Although you do not have to identify as LGBTQ+ to join the club. The club is open to everyone!

Mrs. Hine explained,  “I am going to be providing Safe Space stickers for all teachers who wish to put them on their classroom windows to show that their door is always open for anyone who is in need or just wants to talk.” This means our teachers we know can help support our school’s students who may be having some hardships with coming out or you have questions about the LGBTQ+ community in general. 

I don’t know about you, but people don’t like to be made fun of. Around our school, the word gay has been tossed around our school as a joke or an insult but what they really are doing is as Isabel Gillay states “ They are insulting an entire group of people without realizing it.” The GSA is trying to help people understand how this is not ok.