Hot Spots for Spring Break April 6-10, 2020


Alexandria Leon

No school from April 6-10th, 2020.

Stella Forte and Alexandria Leon

Spring break is from April 6th to the 10th. It’s a great time to get away from school and work and just relax. West Middle School’s spring break is a busy time for staff and students to travel with their families.

Based on a survey we did 50% of people are traveling and of that 50%, 17% of people are going to Florida during spring break. This is one of the most popular places among West students. Also, many students are going to North and South Carolina. We asked Mrs. Kozler if she’s traveling, “I am. I am going to Virginia.” Many students miss a day or two before or after spring break so we asked Mrs. Kozler if she thought that was okay, “No, we get 10 days off that should be enough for everyone.” 

When vacationing over spring break try not to miss any school because it could impact your grade. From what Mrs. Kozler said we have 10 days to relax, that should be enough.