What can you do while your out of school?


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Its an image of a Coronavirus cell

Isabel Farley-Gillay, Reporter

As we all know the coronavirus has hit Michigan. Gretchen Whitmore, Michigan’s Governor, closed all schools in Michigan. We are all now stuck inside and are completely and utterly bored. The question is can we go outside, play with friends and have fun?   

As we all know the Woangh Coronavirus or COVID-19 is spread through human contact. Children are also the main character of this illness. Some studies show that  COVID-19 can live on metal or plastic for up to 9 days. 

Most playdates are ok according to Dr.William Schafner (LaMotte, Sandee). You do need to make sure that you know the family and that they (the child or any member of the household) have no symptoms 0f influenza or any other colds. The groups should be small as well. Like, 2-3 kids max small. 

Many people agree that most playdates should be held outside where there are a lot fewer places for germs to collect. This also comes with challenges. Contact sports like football, baseball, and basketball should not be played. These sports all have you touching each other or the same objects. It is just too risky (LaMotte, Sandee). 

What can you do? Makayla Howell an 8th grader, says she is catching up on her school work and her mom is homeschooling her so she doesn’t forget when she gets back to school. Natalie a 7th grader at Hillside Middle School said she id also catching up on work and is hanging out with her friends. Payton Clanin a 7th grader at Millennium is doing some online school work and is doing a family puzzle and reading a book. Jennifer a 10th grader at Northville  High School is watching lots of youtube and is learning things she couldn’t during school. 

There are many things that you can do while school is out (dying of boredom is not one of them). Go outside! The weather is great for March in Michigan! You can ride your bike, weed for your parents, learn how to compost and have a fire (if you burn down the neighborhood, you didn’t get this idea from me)! So stop sulking and get out their an enjoy life! 

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