Netflix Shows to Watch During Quarantine


Finn Owsley, Reporter

During these tough times, people need something to keep them entertained. Right now the most popular thing is TV. Many people have too much time on their hands so they use it to catch up on their TV shows. I have compiled a shortlist of good TV shows that can help you pass the time in Quarantine.

I interviewed Will Yoder, a 7th grader from OLGC, and he said, “I have been watching All American and Stranger Things.” Stranger Things has always been a popular show but some people still need to catch up, myself included. Alec Muir a 7th grader from Monterrey, Mexico said, “ I have been watching Money Heist and The Office.” The Office is a pretty long show, lasting 9 seasons. It will keep you entertained for a while.

Hopefully, these shows will have you occupied. They all are pretty good and I personally have watched all of them. By the time you finish them all, we all will be out of quarantine and enjoying our summer break. So, what shows are you watching?