Can Pets Get the Coronavirus?

It is no question that the coronavirus pandemic has taken a toll on nearly everyone in the world. Every day, people frantically do their best to avoid contact with germs while completing activities. But with this much stress that humans have to deal with, you may begin to wonder if animals like dogs or cats should be as careful as we are. 

We interviewed veterinary assistant Monica Brown of Veterinary House Calls in West Bloomfield about how animals fare in this pandemic, “There have been 3 total household pets in all of the United States that have gotten the coronavirus.”  

Brown explains, “In general, felines are more susceptible to any strain of coronavirus than other animals like household pets. In fact, The Bronx zoo had several of their big cats test positive for COVID-19.” 

Brown continues, “At this time no household pet has died due to contracting this strain of coronavirus, but we should still try to have our pets keep a normal schedule, this is because they need a sense of normalcy.  Our concern is once people go back to work, we will see a lot of separation anxiety due to owners spending so much time at home.” 

Brown then goes over precautions we should take in order to keep our pets safe, as well as our safety, “We advise our clients to avoid taking their pets into high traffic areas such as grocery or pet stores and to better ensure our safety, we should not let pets who have been in contact with lots of people see someone more susceptible to the coronavirus. This is because If there is a chance that the virus can live on their fur and their owner is carrying the virus without knowing, you’re in the risk of unknowingly spreading it to high-risk populations. ”

Brown’s vet office has changed a lot. According to Brown,” We are retrieving pets for their owners outside because they are not allowed inside.” They also are not able to do wellness checks, nail trims, and other grooming needs.” Brown states, “ some of our clients come in to get medication and food but now they are not allowed into the office.”  Like most businesses, they have to wear masks and gloves, but what’s different is that they have to also wear booties over their shoes.