The Benefits of Running!


Isabel Farley-Gillay

Map My Run App

Isabel Farley-Gillay, Reporter

Bored? Yeah, I think everyone is. One way to cure that boredom is to run! Running is a super-stress reliever and a great way to stay active. The West has its virtual track team currently going on right now but you can also run independently. One great app that you can use to track your progress is the “Map my Run” app by Under Armor.

The Map My Run app is really easy to use and is great for a wide range of activities, like walking, running, or mountain biking. The app can track your distance, elevation, duration, and average mile per hour speed. You can time it to call out your time and miles, while still listing to music. 

Running itself has a lot of great benefits to it. “In a May 2013 study in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise in which rats and mice got antidepressant-like effects from running on a wheel, researchers concluded that physical activity was an effective alternative to treating depression (”. Running can have significant benefits for your physical and mental health. Good mental health can help you in school, sports and even spending time with your family!

Samantha Jost a west 7th-grade student states that “running helps me relieve stress after long days. It also gives me something to do during the quarantine”. This can help lots of people just have something to do.