Real School vs. Online School


Natalie Yates

In-person school vs. online schooling

Natalie Yates and Marie Grahor

The 2020 school year is coming to a close and it will definitely be one to remember. The learning went from in-person to online for the fourth quarter due to the COVID-19 outbreak.  Of course, both in-person and online school have their advantages and disadvantages. 

Online School: 

Even though most people are probably against online school, there are benefits. “No behavior issues.  I haven’t had to take a green card all quarter.  Flexibility and control of my schedule is a luxury,” shares Mr. Wooster. Online school means more flexibility therefore you can work when you work best. Also, it gives you a reason to improve your technical skills. Lastly,  there’s less peer pressure and a more relaxing environment. Online School is especially good for independent students. 

“I don’t really like online school because It’s so much easier for me to procrastinate,” Says West 8th Grader Olivia Tenaglio. Disadvantages would be a sense of isolation. Also the environment you are working in might be more distracting than a school environment. Similar to in-person school, the online school requires the responsibility to complete assignments. “The online we did this year would have been much better with some training for teachers, students, and parents,” Says Mr. Wooster. 

Online School was mostly doing assignments on your Chromebook through google classroom. West Seventh-grader Mikayla Randall shares, “I don’t like that I have to look at my computer all day.” According to, Microsoft Word – The Effects of Computer Use on Eye Health and Vision, “Many individuals who work at a computer report a high level of job-related complaints and symptoms, including ocular discomfort, muscular strain, and stress. The level of discomfort appears to increase with the amount of computer use.” 

Real School:

“What I like about in-person school is that I can switch to different classrooms, ask my teacher questions in person, and talk to my friends,” Says West seventh-grader Mikayla Randall, “The best school parts of school happen when it’s in person. West Social Studies teacher, Mr. Wooster. “Group discussions, presentations, tests /quizzes (sorry), non-tech drawing, or projects – skits.  Social interactions, sports, and seeing my friends daily,”

Mr. Wooster states, “Remembering to take attendance, waking up early, a life controlled by bells,” are some of the frustrations of in-person school.  “I don’t like getting up early,” says Lindsay Yates, a third-grader at Farrand Elementary. A study from the University of Westminster in London found that people who wake up early had higher levels of stress hormones throughout the day. 

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