Teachers, Students K-12, and College Students are all having trouble with virtual school


Cassidy Kanclerz

School at home.

Cassidy Kanclerz, Reporter

According to Terri Gogola, a teacher for the Livonia Transition Program, Alyssa Kanclerz, a student at Michigan State University, and Alayna Woodley, a 7th grader at West Middle School, all want to go back too face-face. Although younger grades start to trickle back into face-face school, there is no set date for when West will go back face-to-face. Middle School students in PCEP will remain virtual for the first semester. 

Although nearly 90% of schools in Michigan are giving students a face-face learning option, many students are still learning virtually. “It’s harder because more distractions at home make it harder to focus,” said Alayna Woodley, a West 7th grader.
Mrs. Gogola’s students work at a church where she teaches them job skills and training, “The church is very slowly starting to come back in person. It has been difficult finding enough authentic jobs during job task time. The coffee shop that we are there to bake for is closed until further notice.” 
College students are struggling with virtual learning as well. Alyssa Kanzlerz, Michigan State University student, advises, “I know this isn’t for everybody. Just stay positive. Make time for yourself. Get some fresh air. It’s only temporary.”
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