Covid-19 changes sports and players’ opinions on safety for the virus.


Augustus Guoin running the ball in for a touchdown during an Plymouth-Canton Steelers game.

Phinneas Guoin, Reporter

Lots of states are now letting youth participate in sports. Meanwhile, the Center for Disease and Control of Prevention (CDC) is trying to keep the public safe. Wearing a mask allows players to stay safe while having fun. 

August Guoin an athlete for the Plymouth-Canton Steelers said, “It’s good that we are taking precautions but sometimes the mask can be uncomfortable.” Augustus said that even though makes are required, many athletes do not wear them, “Most people don’t but some do and try to enforce it.”

Taylor Nesbitt, Concordia Univesity Ann Arbor lacrosse player, thinks that the sport has not changed very much since the pandemic.

According to the CDC, competing in athletic games and traveling for games puts you at a high risk of infection for the virus.

The rules the CDC recommends don’t cancel out other rules that your state puts in place. Some leagues may different rules due to the circumstances. For example, the number of people on the team can impact the safety rules.