PCEP Substituted the Middle School Cross Country Season with Running Club


Mrs. Walewski

XC runners at race.

Ainsley Mayer, Reporter

20 West students ran for the PCEP Middle School running club which started on September 14th and ended on October 9th. The students participated to stay active and get exercise. The running club was set up in hopes for students to participate and be more active since the Cross Country season was canceled.

Clint Smiley, West Middle School Principal, said, “The best thing to happen would be to have cross country, [but since we weren’t able to go back to school] we had to find a substitute.”

Some things that were successful when they made the running club was giving students the opportunity to stay active and get out of the house. They hoped that they could have gotten the word out sooner so that more people could plan to participate. Smiley states, “We couldn’t really communicate earlier because we didn’t know if we were going to do it. We were thinking we were going to do cross country as best we can, but then when the time came we weren’t able to do cross country.” Mr. Smiley still wishes he could have gotten the word out sooner.

Emily Baffy, West seventh-grade student and running club participant, declares, “I think that they should have gotten the word out faster so that more people knew about it.”

Everyone was allowed to participate, even parents and staff. They communicated it as best as they could so that the West families knew about it. Smiley wishes that there were more participants in the running club. Baffy claims, “It helped me stay active, and it was very enjoyable. I had a lot of fun getting fresh air and running with my brother every day.” Overall the running club was a good idea and was enjoyable.