2020 Stanley Cup Recap: Tampa Bay Lightning Wins!


Tyler Regner, Reporter

 This year, the Tampa Bay Lightning, battled it off against the Dallas Stars and won the 2020 Stanley Cup. 
The Stars were scoring goals, after goals, after goals. But eventually, they got stopped by the goalies.
Game 1, Dallas took the lead 2-0. Then Tampa scored a goal to make it 2-1. Then Dallas just kept making goals to win game 1, 4-2.
Game 2, Dallas scores the first 2 goals to make the score 2-0. Then Dallas couldn’t score any more goals and Tampa gets 1 goal in the 2nd period to make the score 2-1.
In the 3rd period, Tampa scored 2 more goals to make the score 3-2.
Tampa and in the series was 2-0. 
Mr. Majzsak jumped as the Dallas Stars scored their first goal. And he kept jumping as they score another one, but then he sits back down after the Stars score a goal 5 minutes in the 2nd period to make the score 2-1. The Stars took the win, 3-1.
Game 4, Tampa leads the series 2-1. Tampa scores the first second and third goal in the 1st period. In the second period, the Stars do the same thing to tie the game 3-3 going into the 3rd period with 10 minutes left the Stars to score a goal, and then Tampa scores a goal. and they both get stopped And when time is running out with 3.2 seconds left lightning passes it down the ice to try to get a goal but they get stopped and the buzzer goes off.
And into OT they go. Stars get the first shot and they miss. And then The Tampa Bay Lightning scored to win game 4. 5-4 in overtime.
Going into game 5, with Tama leading the series 3-1. The stars score the first goal. And the second. And then the Lightning comes out of nowhere and scores 2 goals in the 3rd period to tie the game and with the stars last shot they miss. So into OT again but this time they can’t score.
So into OT2, they go Tampa misses and the Dallas Stars Score with 1 minute left in OT2 to win game 5, 3-2. And the series is 3-2 Tampa.
Game 6 could be the final game if Tampa wins because the series is 3-2 Tampa. In the first period with a very close look at it, The stars missed by like 2 inches. And then Tampa scores a goal to make the score 1-0. Then they score again with 2 minutes left. To make the score 2-0.
And the Tampa Bay Lightning win game 6. 2-0. And win the series 4-2 and take home the 2020 Stanley cup trophy. Mr. Majzesiek cried, “this is the best series ever!”
 After the Tampa bay lightning wins the series 4-2 and win the Stanley cup. The next day they fly home to their families since they have been in an NHL bubble for like a month and not seeing their family then they go home to party with family and friends because they just won THE 2020 STANLEY CUP!!