Mail-in Ballots have slowed the 2020 Presidential Election


Jacob Witt

What will happen to this country?

Jacob Witt, Reporter

This election has been a close one, the votes are still being counted in some states, but Biden has a big enough lead that it is almost clear that Biden will win this election.  

Many people have thought this election has not been fair and many think differently.

“Yes, I think the election process has been fair because it’s similar to the process we’ve had in prior elections one thing that is different about this election is that we have a lot more mail-in votes,” says Jay Witt, Plymouth resident, and voter. Mail-in voting is not new to the 2020 election, mail-in voting has been around for a very long time. 

Mr. Foley, West teacher and voter, thinks, “This election has been as fair as any of our other elections. What I mean by that is, I think all throughout history people have probably cheated on elections because we, because of Social media, I think people talk about the fact that the elections could be dishonest more now. But if you think about it, we had presidential elections in the seventeen hundreds and the eighteen hundreds, and I am pretty sure that those probably had some scandals as well.” There have probably always been people who have cheated or scammed the voting system in the past. This election is probably not any different. 

 “I voted absentee ballot for the last three to four elections because it convenient and it’s easier for me to plan because I like to look at the ballot and do my research instead of trying to figure out the right candidate that in the election,” says Jay Witt.

Mr. Foley, “I don’t like waiting in lines so I chose to have an absentee ballot sent to me.”

Both voters chose to vote by mail for different reasons.

The pandemic has been a factor in dragging the election process out because of the amount of mail-in ballots that need to be counted. President-elect Joe Biden and President Donald Trump have been both waiting on the final results. President Trump is slowing the process down even more by asking for recounts and not conceding.