What it’s like being a teenager.


Having fun is all that matters!

Avarielle Spuller

Being a teenager can not at all be a walk in the park. Your not a kid anymore or an adult you’re right in the middle, you can do some things that you couldn’t do when you were a kid but then again you can’t do things that adults can. Truly when your a teen every change. 

Even though I am not a true teen yet I still know a little about being a teen. For me, the really hard part of being a teenager is everything that’s changing. I know that might sound weird but it’s true I’m ether tall for a day than short for the rest of the week. That’s only what I think so instead I thought I would ask some great friends named Hanna and Lucy.

They now a lot more of being a teenager than me. One of the more detailed questions was what are the pros and cons of being a teenager. 

What Lucy explained for a pro is “Adults being to accept you, they see you as an important part of society in a way that they don’t think of you while you are a child.” 

Hanna though on the other hand her pros were, “I can hang out with my friends more, be more independent, and I can make a lot more choices for myself.” Even though they told me their opinions does not mean thass how every teenager’s experience is going or happen. 

The other question that I thought had a lot of information was what kind of advice would you give to a new teenager? Hanna shared that “Start to think about what you could do and do it. But don’t let stress get to you, either. Work through it on your own or talk to someone if you feel like you need some help.”  

Lucy on the other hand pointed out that, “Never be afraid to do something you think might be too old or too young for it. Feel proud to be the oldest person who still loves watching Mickey Mouse with your family. And don’t be afraid to take a stand on something you don’t agree with.”  These are just what other people’s opinions are and everybody has different things happen to them.     

Just for a little help here are some tips on being a teen and trying to keep a cool head.


  1. Don’t Rush To Grow Up. 
  2. Don’t Try To Plan Your Entire Life Out. 
  3. Friends Will Come And Go. 
  4. Cool Is Just A Matter Of Opinion. 
  5. Saying No Is Fine. 
  6. You’re Not The Only One Who’s Anxious. 
  7. Seek Help When Things Get Too Much. 
  8. Stay Open-Minded To The Views And Opinions