The Holidays during COVID!

The holidays are going to be different this year, that’s for sure. But people are learning to adapt.


According to 268 West students, a student’s favorite way to celebrate the holidays is to have a party with friends and family. Some other favorite ways to celebrate are to be cozy, watch movies, and give your friends and family gifts.  And West student’s favorite game to play out in the snow is to have snowball fights.


“We are just celebrating with close family,” Says Addison Pilarski, when asked how she and her family will be celebrating safely.

         Yes, this year is going to be different. But there are some people who are going to make the best out of this interesting experience. “I’m really excited that we can try new things. We are thinking of playing board games instead of rushing from place to place. We will probably do zooms.” Reese Wallace, who is trying to put a positive spin on everything.

The most popular holiday to celebrate at West is Christmas.

“Happy Holidays!” From Olyvia Sutherland. And a happy holidays from me too!