West Students Favorite Holidays


Drew Deledda

Christmas decorations.

Drew Deledda, Reporter

The holiday season is here, but I was wondering what west students’ favorite holiday. I only got 22 responses but there was a clear winner.

  1. Christmas (17 votes)

  2. Halloween (2 votes)

  3. Easter (1 vote)

  4.  New years (1 vote)

  5. Birthday ( 1 vote)

I interviewed Colton Hoffman, a West 7th grader, and he said the same thing a lot of people said. That Christmas was his favorite holiday because “1. Presents, 2. Seeing my family, 3. Just being in a good mood.”

Like Colton, a lot of people said their favorite holiday was Christmas. All of their reasons were the same. Everybody said that they loved getting and giving presents and being with their families.