West’s Yearbook App

West is using an app in which you send in pictures for the yearbook. Everyone is able to send in images and you’re able to access the app in the app store with any type of phone. The reason behind having this app is to be able to send in pictures for the yearbook since we aren’t able to get pictures in school. The app can be used from now until April 15, 2021. 

After signing into the app you’re able to send in five pictures. If you would like to send in more you have to log-out and then relog-in and once again you will be able to send in five pictures. Mrs. Bridges, West Middle School teacher, states “Each student can send in as many pictures as they want. Every time you use the app it only allows you to do five at a time [but] you can log back in and send another set of pictures.” The way the app works is by using a program which is where all of the pictures are added. Bridges states, “The yearbook committee uses a program called Walsworth Online Design [and what happens is it sinks with the yearbook app and sends the pictures] to a holding cell that we can go through and choose pictures. Then we send them into the yearbook program.  

Some of the upcoming themes for the pictures are related to what is going on in that month. Bridges explains, “We are going to try and do some stuff seasonally, so we’ll have an ugly Christmas sweater [theme]. After break, we could do a New Years’ resolution, and in March we will be doing what are you reading [picture]. We could also try and get pictures out in the snow. ” 

If you don’t like the theme you are still able to send in pictures even if it doesn’t relate to the theme. Bridges declared, “If you don’t like the theme or you don’t feel like being on that page and you happen to be doing something fun absolutely you could send any pictures you want.” There is still going to be a yearbook this year because of the pictures being sent in. Bridges answered, “There will be a yearbook this year. Every year up until this year we have had a yearbook that was eighty-pages, we don’t know if it will be an eighty-page yearbook or a forty-page yearbook but we will have a yearbook.”