How Is West Spending Christmas This Year


Many of us are going to be home for Christmas this year, including Mr. Badham Science teacher at West Middle School. He says “This Christmas we’re going to just keep it simple. It’s just going to be my wife and I and my kids. We’re going to do some Zoom meetings on Christmas Day with our family because we don’t want to risk the run of somebody getting sick.” Mrs. Hayes, West 8th grade teacher, has a little bit of a different plan. She says, “This year we are going to my side of the family’s house because my side is smaller than Mr. Hayes’ side, so we are going to have a small meet up and have dinner.

Most of us wish we could go back to past Christmases and not have to wear masks all the time. Mr. Badham misses his family traditions. “In the Christmases in the past, we’ve done family get-togethers. We’ve done things like a present game where everybody will buy $5 presents and we will exchange five dollar presents.” Mrs. Hayes does things a little differently. She says, “We have gone to Mr. Hayes’ sister’s house on Christmas eve to have dinner, open presents, and hangout.”                        

Christmas is a season of giving. Many like to give, many like to get, for Mr. Badham it is a 50/50. “Sometimes I enjoy getting and sometimes I enjoy giving.” Mrs. Hayes on the other hand likes to give more. She says “I like giving more because it makes me happy to see how happy people are when you give them a gift.” 

Many of us have different opinions on this Christmas. Some want to see family but can’t, and some are seeing family. Some like getting more than giving and some are the opposite.  Even though this Christmas is different, it is still the season of Joy.