Road Trips Are Revving Up In 2021

Alex Wassel, Reporter

With Coronavirus still threatening our safety in 2021, flying may be getting less and less safe. That’s where road trips come in! This great family activity can be fun yet grueling depending on how long you are driving for, especially if you get car sick.

There are many people who have already been on road trips, for example, Jake Witt, a seventh-grader at west middle school, drove to Florida, which is a 24-hour drive, with the rest of his family. He says, “ I like driving better than flying because I get sick when I land [in a plane].”

Nicole Wassel, a West middle school parent who went on her first road trip when she was 8 says, “I really like road trips, but flying is probably my preference; I like to maximize my time at my destinations.” That’s a good point; flying is faster than driving, so the shorter it takes to get to your destination, the longer you can stay.

There are many opinions about road trips but my preference is flying.