What WMS Students want to see in 2021


Andrew Covino, Reporter

2020 was a long and unpredictable year but now that 2021 is here, people have new standards.

I took a survey of 166 kids and 130 kids said they want to go back to in-person school and 36 did not want to go back. I also asked what WMS students wanted to see in 2021 and 138 people said they wanted to see covid-19 go away and for things to go back to normal. 

I interviewed WMS 7th grader, Alex Wassel, he stated “In 2021 I want to see a vaccine for coronavirus, go back to school, and for everything to go back to normal. I don’t want to go to in-person learning right now but once it gets safer, yes.”

I asked 7th Grader Jake Witt and he said “I hope to see sports with no masks and covid to get better so we can see each other again. I want to go back to in-person learning, I have a lot of people in my house and it can be distracting.”

Let’s hope for a better year!