Is it safe to return to in-person school, and thoughts about the vaccine


Addison Pilarski, Reporter

Is it safe to return to in-person school? Do I trust the vaccine? Should I get the vaccine? Well, there are a lot of questions, and maybe we can help answer some of them.

Mrs. Kulczycki, West Middle School Vice Principal, states that she does trust the vaccine, and if she can she will definitely get it. On the topic of when students and staff from West Middle School will go back to in-person learning is up to the school board. CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), recommends that 

“Close communal use of shared spaces such as dining halls and playgrounds with shared playground equipment if possible. otherwise, stagger use and clean and disinfect between use. Add physical barriers, such as plastic flexible screens, between bathroom sinks especially when they cannot be at least 6 feet apart.”

For the vaccine, the CDC states that they are “Regularly sharing clear and accurate information with people to make sure they understand the risks and benefits of getting vaccinated and can make informed decisions.” Mrs. Kulczycki states that she thinks that it is safer if adults get the vaccine before the children, so the germs do not spread around as much. 

If we do go back to in-person learning, then it will definitely be different from past years. Let’s just hope that the pandemic clears up soon and everything can go back to normal.  


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