We’re BAAAAACK! – In person updates and student’s opinion


Phinn Guoin

West students will be going back to school in person.  Sixth graders go back on January 26th in a hybrid model with two cohorts.   On February 1st, seventh and eight graders go back. The students will split up into two cohorts: Blue group and Green group. The blue group will go on Monday and Tuesday and the green group will  go Thursday and Friday. Wednesday will be all virtual. On February 18th everyone will go to school four times a week, Wednesday being an exemption, which will be virtual like it is now.

Gus Gouin a West student thinks in person school will be good but it will be hard to get back into the swing of things. He also thinks it’s little nerve racking, but is happy because he prefers in-person compared to online.

See you on February 1st!