What is LGBTQ+ and should kids learn about it?

The rainbow flag is the symbol for the community and all sexualitys and genders.

The rainbow flag is the symbol for the community and all sexualitys and genders.

Anya Read

The LGBTQ+ community has been part of our lives for years now, supported or unsupported, the word “LGBTQ+” has been used for people to identify with and celebrate different genders and sexualities. Should kids learn about it and does West do a good job at representing the community? I’ve asked four kids the same twelve questions and saw their opinions on the matter.

When asked, “Should kids be able to talk to counselors about their gender and sexuality?“ Anna Morrison, a virtual 7th grader stated, “I think they should because if they need to talk to a counselor about it, it could be stressful and it can be good for them to talk about it.”

Tanner Wells, a 7th grader takes more of a different approach to the subject. “Maybe it’s a case by case basis. Sometimes forcing people to talk about their gender and sexuality could be bad for their mental health, but they should definitely be open to talk about it.”

 When the interviewees were asked if West did a good job at representing the community, all four participants disagreed. Jordan Simpson, a 7th grader, and Zoey Hall, a virtual 7th grader both express that  West has room to improve. When the participants were also asked if West should teach kids about this topic, they had some interesting views. 

Zoey Hall tells us “I think it’s kind of like how we learned about world religions. We’re going to meet people that are in the community now and in the future so why don’t we learn about it?” Tanner Wells has a bit of a different opinion, he commented that they shouldn’t have full classes on the topic, but they should at least acknowledge it and offer some sort of help for students struggling with their gender and sexuality.

Three out of four interviewees stated that they know or knew someone in the community. They also agreed that not being able to talk about this topic with someone could lead to depression and anxiety. According to the participants, middle school is very complicated and the LGBTQ+ community should be acknowledged more in school. 

The students note that West should have a place students can go to talk about this subject with a professional. We need to improve the way we think about these things, not just in school but in the world in general. We can make West a more open and accepting place if this topic is talked about more.