What is the best Call of Duty?


Bryan Pickens

      Hi, I’m Bryan Pickens, and I’m interviewing my friend Cooper about Call of Duty. What is his favorite Call of Duty?  This is what Cooper said. “My favorite game is Call of Duty Black Ops. I remember when the game first came out and everyone thought that nothing could beat Modern Warfare 2. “

MW2 was perhaps more entertaining but in terms of the gameplay. This game also did not overuse and outdated Nuketown. The game had a storyline that’s tons of silly fun and multiplayer modes that actually add some worthwhile new game types to try.

The introduction of Gun Game – where every kill you get forces you to use a different weapon – is inspired, while going back in time to the ‘60s doesn’t diminish the forceful kick of the weapons. The story mode had some of the best scriptwriting in the series and was one that captivated and immersed fans in the series. Black Ops also saw massive improvements to Zombies.

The creation of brand new maps and DLC maps throughout the year. The game introduced some of the best maps and weapons in the series. They also used a money system for unlocking items. Overall, Black Ops is one of the most well-made Call of Duty games in the series.