How long is the perfect in-class break?


7th graders play outside during a 4th hour class break.

Delaney Fillman, Reporter

The breaks at West Middle School are a desired time for the kids during class. Teachers choose a  time to get the kids out and about to stretch their legs during the lengthy 1 hour and 45-minute classes. However, not all students are happy with the time spent outside, so, how long is the perfect break?

According to a survey that went out last week at West, more West students enjoyed taking a break, however, some students said it depended on the class and day. These students may not want to take a break if they need to finish school work. 

I then asked the magic question; how long is the perfect break? The perfect break according to the student population is 20 minutes because it gives enough time to hang out with friends and relax from the long classes.

The survey also states that almost 65% of students find the break too short! 33% of students find the break already perfect and only 2% didn’t get breaks or thought that they were too long. 

We questioned whether or not breaks should be mandatory and a whopping 81.5% said they should be mandatory.

The survey also asked if kids have enough to do and what they do during the breaks. Most students responded that they walked around the school or outside, played basketball, football, soccer, and volleyball, and talked and sat with their friends. We asked how they could improve the breaks, and many people said to keep the 9 square equipment out and make them longer.

Plymouth-Canton school districts adopted this new schedule, so maybe they should also adopt mandating student break time during class.  this new student-favorite class time.