Hazlewood and Reed are Top Runners for WMS Cross Country


Henry Kuhns

Mr. Wooster ready to start the 7th/8th boys cross country race against Pioneer Middle School last week.

Henry Kuhns, Reporter

The West Middle School cross country team started their season just 3 weeks ago. The Bulldogs have been running and competing against other middle schools in the PCCS district. 

       This season, West has many runners who stand out this season. The team has two runners who have made the Top 10 record board this season: Simon Reed, 6th grader (time 9:39 for 1.5 miles), and Annabeth Hazlewood, 7th grader (time 13:31 for 2.0 miles).

The Bulldogs are hoping to have more records this season. The all-time record for the 2-mile race for boys is 11:28.68 (set in 2016). The record for girls is 12:56  (set in 2016). The 1.5 record mile times for boys is 8:46.13 and 9:20.18 for girls (both set in 2018). 

      Coach Wooster states, “We’re a young team, and the reason we are young is that we did not have the experience [cross country] for the 7th graders to run cross country.” The team needs to work on their mental toughness, “Last week we had a few of our stronger runners give up on themselves, so a stronger mindset (needed).” 

        This season there are 114 kids on the team. There were so many kids that they had to get another coach, who was Mrs. Bazzi, our LME and PBL teacher. We now have a total of 3 coaches, Mr. Wooster, Mrs. Hedge, and Mrs. Bazzi. 

        We are hoping this season that the team wins the League Meet this year, which would be the 7th year in a row that West has won it. Let’s also hope that the West Bulldogs keep improving. RUN Bulldogs RUN!!