You Should Return Library Books on Time


Haddie Allen

West Media Center book return slot.

Haddie Allen and Joslyn Runyan

When you don’t return a library book, you may not realize how much it affects other students, yourself, and the library. When a book isn’t returned, not only does it prevent your classmates from reading it, but it prevents students in years to come from reading it.

There aren’t really any reasons you shouldn’t return a book. Late books don’t have a fine anymore, because the teachers realized that it actually discourages people from returning books. So even if you turn in a book late, it wouldn’t affect you in any way, except for a possible warning and/or late ticket from Mrs.Davies.

When you do need to return a book, you go to the media center and to the front circulation desk. On that desk, there is a bin you put books in so they can be collected. Make sure to not leave them on the counter or they could be put back on the shelf but not marked as returned.

When a library book isn’t returned, then the library has to use their own money to pay for a replacement book. West could be using that money for newer, cooler books. According to Mrs. Davies, 80 books on average don’t get returned or get lost every school year.

The most popular books kids have checked out this year are graphic novels and manga.  Other popular reads are “Wings of Fire” by Tui T. Sutherland series and “The Hate You Give” by Angie Thomas.