To Mask Or Not To Mask That Is The Question


The west Middle School spirit dog wearing a mask.

Sammie VanTol and Tabby Kerr, writer

Wearing masks at West Middle School is enraging for some 6th through 8th-grade students because wearing a mask can be annoying and uncomfortable, but they also keep us safe and allow us to be in person for school. Some people enjoy and like them, some hate them. Why?

There are many reasons to dislike masks due to the fact they muffle people’s voices, they hurt people’s ears, they cause headaches, and so much more. However, as Mr. Smiley said, “They can be annoying, but if someone were to get sick, and we were all doing our part on wearing our masks correctly, nobody would need to be sent home.” So as long as you wear your masks correctly and above your nose, then we can all stay safe and remain at school.

“I do think masks are necessary because other schools that don’t wear masks are getting shut down, while we’re continuing school. Kids below 6th grade can’t get vaccinated, so it’s only right to wear masks,” Mr. Smiley stated. 

Some people’s favorite things about masks though are they help people feel less insecure, they keep us safe if you wear them right, people won’t be sent home if someone gets covid next to them if they were wearing their mask correctly, we don’t have to do virtual again, and keeps your face warm on cold days. 

West students always have so much to say about masks. Whether it is “I hate them, they are so uncomfy” or “I love them, they make me feel safe”. Everyone always has a different opinion on them.

Our school is definitely half and half with opinions on masks. Masks are necessary though because we don’t want our school to be shut down.  We don’t need any more Covid cases, we want people to be able to get a good education, and a lot of people struggled with virtual, so we don’t want to go back to that.

Whether you think masks are necessary or not, please wear your masks correctly and have it covering both your nose and mouth.