West has been open almost 60 years!

Renne Elise, Reporters

So what has West achieved over the years? I interviewed West’s Principal Mr. Smiley and got details. I asked, when was west built, and what has changed? “West Middle School was built in 1962 and over the years there have been 7 additions.” He tells. “When the school was first built, It was just the office, Upper & lower B wing, and the gym.” 

As students know, sports at West are represented by one thing, the Bulldog! But why is West’s mascot the bulldog? Mr. Smiley explains,“…When a new school is opened students & parents vote for mascot & school colors.”  The mascot goes all the way back to 1962 when students, staff, and West families voted and pick the school colors. 

Middle School in Plymouth-Canton is named after directions or concepts (which explains East, Pioneer, Discovery, and Liberty Middle Schools). Elementary schools are named after community leaders, and High schools are named after the cities and Townships.

In 2012, West celebrated 50 years of being open. A  former student made a wooden plaque that included all the previous principals’ names since 1962. This plaque is hung up in the office and you will find Mr. Smiley’s name there.