Hermitcraft: What It Is And Why You Should Watch It


Casey Dergis, Reporter

When you think of YouTubers who play Minecraft for a living, like this is their job and they get money for it, who do you think of? Do you think of people such as Grian, Mumbo Jumbo, or Goodtimeswithscar? If not, then you probably don’t know what Hermitcraft is.


For those of you out there who fall into that category, Hermitcraft is a Minecraft SMP (or Survival Multiplayer Server) that has been alive and kicking ever since April 13, 2012, making it one of the longest-running Minecraft SMP’s ever. Its founder was Generikb, who left the server a year after it was made to focus on a different server he was on. After that, Xisumavoid, one of the original members of the server, took his place as server admin (Note: being the admin on the Hermitcraft server mainly just meant that it was Xisuma’s job to post the world download at the end of each season). 


Speaking of seasons, Hermitcraft has been, as of the posting of this article, going on for 8 seasons. The 8th season started June 19th, 2021, 7 days after Season 7 ended. Each season usually lasts about a year and a bit, with the longest season being Season 6 at a whopping 19 months and 2 days.


So now you’re a master of Hermitcraft trivia. That’s pretty cool. Now, if you aren’t convinced enough to watch Hermitcraft already, I have some great reasons why you should. If you want to, that is. It’s up to you.


Puns are punny- uh, I mean funny.


The puns on the Hermitcraft server are great. They’re basically like dad jokes, BUT BETTER. Unlike dad jokes, however, they do not go to the point of them being overwhelming but are still really funny. The power of these puns is so strong that one single pun can pun someone out of their own business. I’m not joking about that part, that actually happened. That’s how great the puns are.


These people are too good at building.


Unlike most SMP’s, the Hermitcraft server is mainly focused on building amazing builds in Minecraft. That’s what most of the people on the server are known for. If you’re like me and you are absolute trash at building in Minecraft, definitely watch someone on the Hermitcraft server. Their builds are great inspiration and, on special occasions, you might even get some tips on how to make your own builds even cooler and more immersive. Also, the same thing goes for redstone machines if you watch Mumbo Jumbo.


Being serious is too serious.


The people on the Hermitcraft server are great with puns. We all know that. But they actually get into quite a few shenanigans every few weeks. Examples of said shenanigans: the Tree War (or World War Tree, if you want to get real fancy), one guy taking multiple weeks to finish his massive starter base, a.k.a the tiny base you make at the start of the season, an entire Olympics-style tournament over a few patches of grass (literally), a sacrifice hole under a totem pole made of boats, etc. Yeah. These people aren’t serious.


I hope I’ve convinced you to watch Hermitcraft. If you’re looking for who you should watch on the server, I got you. Here’s a list of some people currently on the Hermitcraft server: Grian, Mumbo Jumbo, Goodtimeswithscar, ImpulseSV, Iskall85, Cubfan135, Xisumavoid, Bdoubleo100, Keralis, etc. That’s not everyone on the server, just a few people. Now, remember to eat your greens, do your homework, and don’t pants people. You could get suspended for that.


Please note that all previously unknown information was obtained from the Hermitcraft Wikipedia. I know Wiki isn’t always reliable, but these people know their stuff. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.