DTP Is A Popular Hangout For West Students After School

Lucy Schneider and Lydia Cahill walking in Downtown Plymouth.

Carly Cahill

Lucy Schneider and Lydia Cahill walking in Downtown Plymouth.

Sammie VanTol and Tabby Kerr

Why do West Middle School students go to Downtown Plymouth so much? That’s the question Tabby and I wanted to find out. We interviewed multiple people and got their opinions and thoughts and finally got the answer.
Students at West are constantly going DTP (Downtown Plymouth) every day of every week. “It gives us a chance to spend time with our friends without our parents having to drive us,” says Nicol Kashe Kash, West 8th 8th grader. It also gives students time to relax and rewind before doing their homework after a long day at school.

Lots of people tend to go with friends and sometimes with family.

Students usually get drinks and sometimes food, but they never really seem to shop. Renne Elise, a West 7th grader, said she shops at the store “Earth Lore” a lot and that tends to be a very popular place amongst students.

Is the week time after school a better time to go or during the weekend? Lots of people agree after school because they think it’s fun to just get a walk in and walk there from school. It’s only a bit over a mile. Most students do go during the school week, however, they do still even go during the weekend. During the weekend, it is more crowded, but it’s still lots of fun! Fridays tend to be the most popular time to go.

Although a lot of students love DTP, some do not. A lot of people don’t see the reason to go that many times a week and think of it as reasonable. They don’t see the need to go to DTP and think it’s boring sometimes too. There’s not a lot to do, and everything’s so expensive.

Downtown Plymouth is such a popular spot for meeting friends after school here at West Middle School and I’m sure it will continue being a very popular spot for a while.