Michigan/MSU Game is Oct. 30, 2021!


Henry Kuhns and Amare Horsley

Michigan Football and M.S.U. Football have a rivalry that goes back over one hundred years. Every year, these two teams battle and the winners take ownership over the Paul Bunyan trophy for 365 days. More importantly, the winning school gets bragging rights in the state of Michigan. 

This year, the game will be held at Spartan Stadium in East Lansing. Last year, Michigan State upset Michigan at The Big House (Michigan’s stadium). This matchup is so popular because both teams have been on fire this season, clinching bowl games by having undefeated seasons. 

Mr. Smiley, the West Middle School Principal and huge Michigan fan, believes that Michigan State will lose a game because of their “tough schedule”. Mr. Smiley earned his degree from the University of Michigan. Mr. Smiley’s wife, brother, and daughter attended U of M. “Always been my school,” Mr. Smiley brags, “They have three really tough games from now til Thanksgiving.”  Mr. Smiley believes that Michigan will be favored by three points, but it will be a close game at Spartan Stadium. Mr. Smiley states, “QB [Cade McNamara] is doing a really doing a good job and so is the running back, [Blake Corum].” 

Mr. Majszak, a West Teacher and a hardcore MSU fan, was interviewed next. He is an MSU fan because when he was a kid, everyone liked Michigan. Mr. Majszak states, “ Michigan State was awful [when he was younger]”. He says, “ My type of personality, wanting to be different, I rooted for Michigan State.” He thinks that Michigan will lose a game, but he says that he will “Not say” who they will lose to. “They have Michigan State, Penn State, and Ohio State,” four really tough games. Mr. Majszak predicts, “Not using my favoritism towards State, it is going to be a close game. MSU throws the ball more, our offense is a little more dynamic, I think being at home will be a big factor.” 

All in all, it doesn’t matter who you root for, it is about having fun watching your team.