Do West Middle Schoolers Face Insecurities?

Poster hanging in Mrs. Horvaths room.

Poster hanging in Mrs. Horvath’s room.

Natalie Basista, Reporter

October is body positivity month. Insecurities are when someone doesn’t feel like they are enough.  They may also think their body doesn’t look good, or no one would want to be friends with them.

“Some students start feeling insecure as early as 2nd grade, it becomes more common for students to really notice these things when they come to middle school, even more so in high school,” says West Counselor Mrs. Rieboldt. 

Everyone has their own insecurities. “I can find comfort in knowing that no one is 100% perfect.” Mrs. Rieboldt says. “We all are different, and I think coming to terms with the fact that we’re all different, and learning to love yourself.” I might have a different eye color than you, or my hair color is different than yours.  I might be taller than you, but you’re still you, and you are AMAZING! Mrs. Rieboldt continues,“Accepting your differences is what we all need to work on.” 

A West student survey recently was sent out to students.. 145 students think middle school students have body image issues. 82.2% of students think that social media causes students to be insecure.

One West 6th grader wrote how sometimes people at schools want you to change so you match the picture they have of you in their head.  The student noted, “But people need to just think before they speak. People are so, so hard on themselves…”